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My name is Maine Cousins, and I’m a UX/UI designer. My interest in design started in high school by completing freelance projects and making things for friends. However, when I was a kid I had an interest in computer science, I would create games on Scratch through self-study, and later through AP classes. Selecting what to focus on was challenging for me because these two passions seemed like opposite ends of the spectrum. Around this time was when I first discovered UX Design at my internship.


It bridged the gap perfectly and I began to understand the underlying common theme, which was creation. I learned how much I enjoyed manifesting my ideas into final products of any medium, and with UX design I could unify my various interests in this field. As a designer, I’m a self-starter who will value and utilize any feedback I’m given in all aspects of the creative process. My interest lies in video games and esports because of the unique and interesting challenges in that area of UI design, however, I’m excited about any new opportunity and I’m ready to take on the next one.

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